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Ericsson TRX BTS calculation

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    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone tell me how to calculate TRX from ericsson BTS

    RBS 2204 (2,2,2) & (4,4,4)
    RBS 2308 2,2
    RBS 2109 1,1
    RBS 2204 (7,7,7) with (5,5,5) & (2,2,2).




    (2,2,2) stand for 2+2+2=6 TRX.(4,4,4) stand for 4+4+4=12 TRX.


    i want to know bout rbs 2204




    hy frind
    use of tn card 2D.2H.AUR 2C M E1 USE HOTE H PLZ REPLAY ME

    Mayank Nagayach

    Tell Me about the difference b/w CXU and spiliter

    Anil bhan

    pls do solve the paper and send me

    1. Which is not part of a GSM RAN?
    A) RBS
    B) MSC
    C) BSC
    D) TRC

    2. What are the frequencies bands available for GSM System?
    A) GSM 450, GSM 800, GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900
    B) GSM 800, GSM 900 and GSM 1800
    C) GSM 800, GSM 1900 and GSM 1800
    D) GSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 1900

    3. The DTRU must be specified for its _______.
    A) Frequency Band and Output Power
    B) Output Power
    C) Frequency Band and Modulation
    D) Frequency Band

    4. The ______ Control is performed in the DXU-23.
    A) Batteries
    B) Fan
    C) VSWR

    5. The _______ supervises and connects/disconnects the batteries at low voltage.
    A) BFU
    B) PSU
    C) CCU
    D) ECU

    6. The _________ increases the maximum output power with 2.5dB by using both transmitters of a DTRU to implement one carrier.
    A) Software Power Boost
    B) Frequency Hopping
    C) RX Diversity
    D) Transmitter Coherent Combing (TCC)

    7. What is IDM?
    A) Installation Data Module
    B) Internal Data Module
    C) Internal Distribution Module
    D) None of above.

    8. The RBS 2111 is divided in two separate units: _______.
    A) Main Subrack and Extension Subrack
    B) Main Cabinet and BBS
    C) Main Subrack and Remote Unit
    D) Main Unit and Remote Radio Unit

    9. Which one is not an in built function in the DRU?
    A) Hybrid Combiner
    B) Diplex Filter
    C) Duplex Filter
    D) BIAS Injector

    10. The differences between the RBS 2308, RBS 2309 and RBS 2109 are ________.
    A) The Battery Backup System
    B) Frequency Band and Output Power
    C) Frequency Band
    D) Modulation

    11. The __________ is the smallest hardware part that can be replaced when performing repair at the RBS.
    A) RU
    B) MO
    C) MU
    D) TRU

    12. The main area(s) of Operation and Maintenance Terminal usage is (are) RBS 2000 ________________________.
    A) cell configuration
    B) system capacity
    C) configuration and fault localization
    D) fault localization

    13. _____________ are logical representations of entities that consist of hardware, software, or both.
    A) System Objects
    B) Service Objects
    C) Managed Objects
    D) Managed Functions

    14. What is the signaling type used in the A-bis interface?
    A) SCCP
    B) LAPD
    C) MAP
    D) ISUP

    15. How many time slots per carrier are there in the GSM system?
    A) 8
    B) 16
    C) 21
    D) 4

    16. Which logical channel does the mobile use to contact the system?
    A) Paging CHannel (PCH)
    B) Broadcast Control CHannel (BCCH)
    C) Random Access CHannel (RACH)
    D) Access Grant Channel (AGCH)
    17. How many TRXs can the RBS 6202 handle?
    A) 6
    B) 12
    C) 4
    D) 2

    18. What is the name of the connection between the DUG and RUG?
    A) Y Link
    B) C Link
    C) Control Link
    D) CC Link

    19. The DU performs which of the following?
    A) Switching, traffic management, timing, Tower Mounted Amplifier Control Module (TMA-CM), radio interfacing
    B) Loadable software (from Flash Card), transmission handling, external synchronization, feeder loss detection
    C) A and B
    D) None of the above

    20. Which Frequency Band is supported by the RBS 6202?
    A) GSM 450, GSM 850, E-GSM, P-GSM, GSM 1800
    B) GSM 450, E-GSM, P-GSM, GSM 1800, GSM 1900
    C) GSM 450, GSM 850, P-GSM, GSM 1800, GSM 1900
    D) GSM 850, E-GSM, P-GSM, GSM 1800, GSM 1900

    21. What is the function of the PCU AC?
    A) Controls the RBS
    B) Responsible for OMT connection with the RBS
    C) Terminates the incoming AC cables and distributes to the PSU
    D) Signal Modulation/Demodulation and Amplification

    22. What is the internal operating voltage used for the RBS 6202?
    A) 220 V AC
    B) + 24 V DC
    C) + 48 V DC
    D) -48 V DC

    23. What interfaces are used for E1 or T1 connection?
    A) TN A and TN B
    B) RIA and RIB
    C) LMT A and LMT B
    D) ET A and ET B

    24. How many External Alarms can be connected in the RBS 6202 via the SAU?
    A) 8
    B) 32
    C) 16
    D) 10
    25. How many cells can the RBS 6202 handle?
    A) 4
    B) 1
    C) 3
    D) n

    26. Which of the following RUs do not belong to RBS 6202.
    A) RUG
    B) DUG
    C) IDM
    D) PDU

    27. What is the difference between the RBS 2106 and RBS 2107?
    A) Traffic capacity
    B) Coverage
    C) Suitable environment
    D) The RBSs are totally different

    28. The Femto Cell Solution can provide access to the network via ___________________.
    A) GSM and WCDMA
    B) EDGE
    C) GSM and CDMA2000
    D) Wi-Fi and GSM

    29. The CDU-K is similar to the ________.
    A) CDU-F
    B) CDU-G
    C) CDU-A
    D) CDU-H

    30. When using the LAPD Concentrated, it is possible to control up to ___ TRX in the RBS.
    A) 1
    B) 2
    C) 4
    D) 8

    31. Ethernet Works on Which Layer
    a.) Layer 1
    b.) Layer 2
    c.) Layer 3
    d.) None of the above

    32. 2. What is the use of RLIME
    a.) It can be used to reserve bandwidth
    b.) It is a hop-by-hop label distribution protocol
    c.) It helps in configuring Adaptive Bandwidth
    d.) It relies on the routing information

    33. Which MMU supports Xpic

    a.) MMU2E
    b.) MMU2C
    c.) MMU2F
    d.) MMU2D

    34. Mac Address is of how many Bits
    a.) 48
    b.) 32
    c.) 24
    d.) 128

    35. RSTP convergence time
    a.) >50 NS
    b.) >60 Ns
    c.) >70 NS
    d.) >80NS

    36. What is full form of LAG
    a.) Local Aggregation group
    b.) Local access group
    c.) Link Aggregation group
    d.) Link access group

    37. Max Ethernet Frame size in bits
    a.) 986
    b.) 1536
    c.) 1586
    d.) 936

    38. Xpic stands for
    a.) Cross polarization Interference canceller
    b.) Cross Pole integrator calculator
    c.) Cross Polarization Integration calculator
    d.) Cross Pole Integration canceller

    39. Modulation Used in MMU2E
    a.) 64 QAM
    b.) 32 QPSK
    c.) 128 QAM
    d.) 155 QPSK

    40. In Which MMU we can use Adaptive Modulation
    a.) MMU2H
    b.) MMU2E
    c.) MMu2F
    d.) MMu2B

    41. OSPF works at which parameters?
    a.) Bandwidth
    b.) Hop distance
    c.) Shortest path
    d.) None of the above

    42. Does HICAP supports RAU2X
    a.)RAU 2X at both ends of Hop
    c.) RAU 2X at 1 end and RAU 2N at Other end in Hop
    d.) None of the Above

    43. ATPC stands for
    a.) Adaptive Transmit power control
    b.) Additional Transmit Power Control
    c.) Auxiliary Transmit Power Control
    d.) Actionable Transmit Power Control

    44. In Which 1+1 configuration Both RAU’s transmits simaltaneously
    a.) Hot Standby
    b.) Working Standby
    c.) Xpic
    d.) None of the above

    45. Full forms of
    a.) MSP-
    b.) SNCP-
    c.) RSTP-
    d.) ERP-

    46 . While login in to AXX through CLI cable which cable is used

    47. How Many STM does OMS 846 support
    a) STM-2
    b) STM-4
    C) STM-6
    d) STM-8

    48. At which Place in Program files does AXX backup stored
    a) CFG
    b) RES
    c) SW
    d) Config

    49. Which is the current base line for OMS 860
    a) R2.0
    b) R3.0
    c) R4.0
    d R5.0

    50.Which is the Current baseline of OMS870.
    a) R2.0
    b) R3.0
    c) R4.0
    d R5.0

    51. Things which cannot be checked in Idle mode drive test.(More than 1 answer)
    a) RX Level and RX Quality.
    b) RX Level
    c) RX Quality
    d) Handovers

    1. Things which cannot be checked in Idle mode drive test.(More than 1 answer)

    52). If RX Level is for coverage and RX Quality for Speech quality in 2G.Select for 3G
    a) RSCP for Coverage, EcNo for Quality.
    b) RSCP for Quality, EcNo for Coverage.
    c) RSCP for handover, EcNo for Quality.
    d) None of above.

    53. What does ARFCN stand for.
    a) Absolute frequency-radio channel number
    b) Absolute radio-frequency channel number.
    c) Absolute radio-frequency code number.
    d) None

    54. Which one is better from coverage perspective, if RX level is
    a) -65
    b) -75
    c) -85
    d) -100

    55. Which one is better from Speech quality perspective, if RX Qual is
    a) Less than 4
    b) Greater than 7
    c) Equal to 7
    d) None

    56. GSM 900 Band contains
    a) 900 ARFCN
    b) 100 ARFCN
    c) 124 ARFCN
    d) None

    57. Standard Bandwidth required for WCDMA network
    a) 3 MHz
    b) 10 MHz
    c) 5 MHz
    d) 1 MHz

    58. Sector with “0” Azimuth will be facing.
    a) East
    b) West
    c) North
    d) South

    59. Orientation of sectors (A,B,C) on particular site is checked.
    a) Anticlockwise
    b) Clockwise
    c) Depends on BCCH
    d) Depends on Cell ID.

    60. SCFT stands for
    a) Site Channel functionality test.
    b) Site Code functionality test.
    c) Single Cell functionality test.
    d) Site Cell functionality test.

    Eddie S

    What is NSP6.1 node consist of?

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