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Radio link design&propagation path loss

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    what are the parameters to design radio link.How we estimate the propagation path loss.what is shadow fading.


    1)Under the link budget formulla:
    path loss= TX power + all gain in link – all loss in link – RX sensitivity.
    2)the shadow fading yielded by the building or other obstacles in propagation environment & its distrubuted as log normal.
    Thus if the path loss made global mean slope. the variation in this slope up & down called as local mean or log normal fading(shadow fading).
    shadow fading differ from urban to suburban to rural as the obstacles cosentration changed.

    Shamsul Haque Rubel

    In pathloss program,why we use Geo clamatic factor?

    Shamsul Haque Rubel

    In planning we use vertical & horizontal polarization.please tell me when we’ll use vertical & horizontal polarization?


    geo climatic factor ? i know the rain can have a serious influence on the radio propagation (up to 3 to 6 dB), so it is smart to take in to account the “average amount of rain drop in the country” for your pathloss computation.

    Vertical / Horizontal diversity :
    horizontal is more efficient (less separation distance needed for the same amount of Rx Gain), but sometimes the antenna support cannot stand horizontal separation mounting. Therefore, in such cases, you have to use V-diversity.


    Dear pix
    Can you tell me more about X & V pole antenna?
    also about manimum distance between high voltage power line and GSM antenna?
    Also if possible please give me your mail.


    Hi guys,

    I am working with operator which using majority GSM1800 Band. Lately we got GSM900 band but I have very limited knowledge about 900 band propagation characteristic.

    I would like to ask what are the recommanded Penetration loss for 900 band for:
    1) Dense Urban indoor
    2) Urban indoor
    3) Suburban indoor
    4) Rural/In car

    2ndly, can I assume that Fading Margin for 1800 band and 900 band are the same?

    Thank you


    Is any distance criteria in planning MW network with Horizontal polarisation in 15 Gc band. Practicallly what hop length we can use for SDH system?


    Hi all,

    Can anybody tell me how can i design mw link between two sites using path loss program, i mean the planning …


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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