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PCMs in BT Shelter

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    Aamir J. K.

    What is the load of Air Conditioning Energy required for keeping a BT Shelter cool. I want to know the break-up of load due to equipments and that due to atmospheric temperature.

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    The load of equipments in a small shelter is about 1KWH and the atmosperic load in India can be assigned as 1KW. Fixing a 2KW Air-conditioner for a small BTS Shelter is adequate. ACs can be had from Siemens or any other reputed company. It is advisable to have a back-up cooling by PCM Energy P. Ltd. They give a passive cooling non-power system and it works wonder during power failures.

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    A. J. Kamdar

    Ordinarily in one BTS 240kg of Phase Change Material is fixed in a shelter of Size 2meters by 2.5meters by 2.7 meatrs. Space is provided for fixing another BTS and 120kg of more PCM for future needs. There is a technically fine write up on Telecom Shelter PCMs on

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    PCMs or Phase Change Materials are used in B. T. Shelters in a few diferent ways.
    1. Back-up to air conditioning in case of power failure.
    2. Free cooling with-out air conditioning and maintaining the Shelter temperature at less than 35C or 40C etc.
    3. Latest-PCM is offering trials for PCM based back-up for eliminating diesel generator in case of power failure. You will find a write up on PCMs for BTS (B. t. Shelter) at
    4. In India PCMs are extensively used in Airtel (Bharti) shelters. Tatas are in a trial stage and Reliance may follow the suit.

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    Ashwin Shah

    Can any one explain as to how PCMs work in BTS or B.T. Shelter?

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    Deepak Purohit

    Who are the Telecom Shelter manufacturers, using PCM technology?

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    You can get the information on PCMs and Shelter Manufacturers from
    They make all types of PCMs for Telecom Shelters and do fitting of the PCMs with fans, logicontrol and other accesories.

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    Vikram Rao

    Is there any thumb rule for the number of towers required to the number of subscribers in an area or any such rule of thumb. Also do all telecom towers require corresponding telecom shelters

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    We are one of the largest manufacturers of Telecom towers and have recently forayed into Telecom shelters manufacturing.We would also like to add PCM’s to our shelter supplies.Can we have a tie-up on the technical know-how of the PCM’s.

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    Yes. The tie-up can be sought from They can give you the PCM for telecom shelters.

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    Colin B.

    Dear Mr. Kamdar, on your rule of thumb idea on the usage amount may I ask how are these PCM Chemicals priced in the Wholesale market and who are the sellers.

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    A. J. Kamdar

    The PCMs are proced at 2-4 US$ per Kg. You can get it from

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    Colin B.

    Thanks alot Mr. Kamdar.
    May I also ask if you ever seen an idea to use prgrammed chip (DC Power added) to do the Passive Cooling without using the Chemical Backup?

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    A. J. Kamdar

    No Mr. Collin. I have only witnessed a few live-site trial of use of PCMs in Telecom Shelters. It does work better than expectations. PCM-backed passive cooling Telecom Shelters are also in news for eligibility of Carbon Credits.

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    Sunil Agrawal

    Mr. Anmol
    Can you please let me know how do you calculate total heat load in a shelter.
    And its approx. costing.

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