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Cell splitting

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    Does anybody know what is cell splitting and what is its use?

    Mwenya Mutale

    Hi dromayn

    Cell spliting is a technique used to improve cell traffic without increasing co-channel interference. Instead of being served by one omni antenna, a cell may have multiple directional antennae oriented in different directions.Sometimes cellspliting is known as sectorization.

    Mwenya M.

    Nestor Mendy

    Hi Mwenya

    I am looking for case studies in radio planning.

    – considered is an enterprise with two locations (cities), on each location there is
    one building
    – building 1: 11 floors, 4 isles per floor, 600 employees in the building
    – building 2: 5 floors, 4 isles per floor, 200 employees
    – both buildings are interconnected through a private IP connection
    – Traffic patterns:
    – mobile: 50min per month per user
    – fixed: 90min per month per user
    – cost impacts if the above traffic load is doubled or tripled

    How could you determin the erlang traffic from this parameters?
    Best regards,



    I want to know if you aware of good
    dimensioning tool for cellular.



    Mwenya Mutale

    Hi Nestor,

    I just read your case study ,Please contact me on this address.

    Mwenya M

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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