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GSM OTA Provisioning Challenge

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    David Spalding

    GSM OTA Provisioning Challenge

    I need help with a solution for a GSM related problem.


    We are trying to provide an origination service in a very tightly controlled market in a West African country with artificially high origination costs.

    We intend to deploy an Orion GSM to VoIP channel bank IVR system. This should allow our customers to be able to call overseas at near local rates and avoid the artificially high tariffs that are being offered

    Problem / Challenge:

    We need to be able to send via an SMS message (a telephone number) to a cell phone that can be will prompt the recipient to add to accept or to discard the message (number).

    The SMS message will should not show the number (numerically) it should show it as a name, for instance, as “SUPERCALL”.

    Once the recipient chooses to accept and add the number to their address book, the recipient should be able to scroll to and see and select the “number” to call.

    However the recipient should not be able to edit or view the number, numerically. He/she will only be able to see it as a word.

    When the number has been selected to dial, it should not show up as a number. It should just be able to dial out normally.

    The solution should be able to work on most cell phone/s (OS’s) currently on the market.

    We look forward to responses.
    David Spalding

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    It is a very interesting solutition but you need a realtime database in order to know witch terminal have the caller when it makes the call ,cause the OTA SMS must be specific for each terminal model, and must be designed carefully in order to avoid strange-behavoir in the calling terminal

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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