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downlink DTX in BCCH

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    Hi there.
    I’d like to know if someone has verified the following case:
    you have a call established on a TCH of the BCCH (C0 carrier) frequency. So by specification you CANNOT activate downlink DTX.
    So, what is gonna be transmitted ????? the SID’s ???

    by the way….
    GSM 05.02 speaks of “C0 filling”….



    If we can activate DL DTX on BCCH Channel, How mobile can get Cell Basic information?. –> Right? ^_^
    It likes we can not activate Synthetize Hopping on BCCH.
    So, no need to considering DL DTX on BCCH Channel.


    i thik under the control of VAD(voice activity detection), the mobile either transmits encodded speech or signal to instruct the reciever to generate comfort noise. BUT in BCCH carrier i think MS will continue transmits SID frame during the period of silence.(may be).
    itis open to disscus.


    it is because max power has to be transmitted on the BCCH and for the same reson there is no power control on BCCH

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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