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RBS/BSC Ericsson

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    Hi all
    i ame meeting with this fault (2a: 57) and (2a: 33 57), so i dont know what are them!? pleaz tel me about this fault…


    HI ramona..

    Fault No. SO CF I2A:33
    Fault name RX diversity lost
    Related faults SO CF RU:40 – Antenna
    AO RX I2A:1 – RX path lost on A receiver side
    AO RX I2A:2 – RX path lost on B receiver side
    AO RX I2A:3 – RX path lost on C receiver side
    AO RX I2A:4 – RX path lost on D receiver side
    Description An imbalance in signal strength between the receiver paths has been
    detected for one, or several, TRXs. Depending on which of the RX
    paths that have the lowest signal strengths, one or several of the related
    faults are also issued.

    Note: To avoid false alarms the fault has a long filter time, the actual
    length of which depends on the traffic load. The fault may occur several
    days after installation. Despite the long filter time, a single MS can
    cause an alarm if the call is made when the traffic load is low and the
    call continues for a long time in an area with poor coverage. When the
    traffic load increases, the alarm normally ceases. To correct this kind of
    alarm, the radio cell planning needs to be revised.
    Action Follow the instructions below until the fault is corrected:
    Note: Due to the long filter time, do not use reset until the actions have
    been performed.
    • Use the issued RX I2A faults to identify which RXs, and thereby which
    RX path, are faulty. The RX path identifies which antenna connection
    should be investigated.
    Note: If other alarms are issued on the same RX path, this might also
    be the cause of the RX Diversity alarm. If present, correct these alarms
    • Ensure that cables are connected to the correct CDUs and antennas.
    The ’Radio’ view in the OMT shows how the IDB is defined regarding
    the connections.
    • Check that the correct RX Diversity mode is defined in the BSC (RX
    parameter RXD with possible values A, B, AB, and ABCD). See antenna
    setup in OMT Radio view for help.
    • Check that the ALNA/TMAs, if used, are working correctly. This can
    be done by monitoring the ALNA/TMA power consumption in the OMT
    and comparing it with the expected power consumption.
    • Check all radio cables, connectors and other passive radio equipment,
    for example with Antenna System SWR tests.
    • Check the antennas.

    Adult Dating

    In my opinion you are not right. I suggest it to discuss.


    i am facing aproblem of so cf 2a:57 of RBS2964V2 it coming after 2 days when the bts is reset i have checked the vswr for particular dru but is showing the correct values in vswr


    good day
    please i have a big problem in ericsson out door RBS 6102
    i can’t ping the DU locally in order to install script files
    i use LMT B port and pin but no replay
    i use LMT A Port with A serial to LAN cable but i couldn’t type anything on hyper terminal
    i need help to find a way to connect to the DU
    or if there is a special cable
    thanks a lot


    Hello every body
    i have problem with RBS 2216v2 indoor tybe .alarm is indoor hummidty i cgeck all step in fault list & stay same alarm
    Korek tel. iraq

    eng nimat mallah

    i have problem in RBS 2201 always the DXU fault &battery back up reduced (I change battery with new one)& 4 PSU are operate all of them charge voltage about 27V


    DXU (BTS 2964) older logs are removed when the DXU get swtich off or manually give the reset to them. Is their any way that we can get the older logs?


    Hi All,

    Could someone describe the reason of PTFAIL High by using RBS 6102.


    I find an internal alarm on RBS 2111 indicated ”Fault codes class 2a: 5 Astra – Dixie Communication fault”. What can the problem be?

    Muhammad Saqib Faizi

    Hi Tom,
    Yes, You will need one serial cable and Ethernet cable to login to the CBU. If you know the IP address of the node.
    On the CBU there are two ports:
    Ethernet and Test. If you have the right set of cables to connect. Just change the IP address of your lap top one higher than the node’s ip address. Then, use the element manager and put the ip address in it and try connect. You will be able to log into the node.


    i am facing a problem in bsc having high call drop and bts fluctuation.
    i have checked the clock clm value is ok.


    i have been connecting to ericsson for years with no problems. now i have run into a few sites recently that i could not get connected using rbs element manager .only problem is with ip addresses that start with 184. specific184.129.170.65 subnetmask255.255.255.248only sites like this gives problems.cables@ip are ip from ifconfig. broadcastip is any suggestions will be highly appreciated thanks!


    In our network ,it was observed that Call Drop Rate is increasing during rainy days.What may be the reason ?


    Make class 1 alarm & class 2 alarm (off)in antenna supervision parameter.
    2A-57 will removed permanently !!

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 153 total)
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