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A-number starting from 0xxxxxx

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    I am working in AXE-10 switch Transgate. We found that those traffic with calling party address starting from 0, such as 00 or 00853xx or…, all were rejected by switch.
    May I know that which part may be involved, Pre-analysis of A-number information or other.

    Compare with normal call, no abnormal found, only this parameter is different.

    Thanks for your assistance


    hi cheung

    usually the 00XXX, is for international digit. Did your network accept calling party with internation format??.. If yes then you have to check start from preana, then a number analysis,


    Hi XXX,

    Are you think it is a default setting, need implement a patch by Ercisson.

    Pleae take a look to our exchange data.



    This is not default setting, usually while network integration and implementation, every vendor will ask the format of calling information either local, national or INT, but usually for calling is set unknown, because we don;t know what format the mobile send to network. We only know the called information.

    I think, this is basic of MSC features, no patch, but please construct with your local ericsson,, maybe there know the best of your problem.

    jed abello

    please check in your A-number analysis if you have defined 0 i think, i cant remember the command,if not please define and try to do testcalls


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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