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which is best switch for GSM?

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    Hi all,

    Can u pls explain

    which is best switch for GSM?


    Hi RS

    Actually no specific answer for that, is depend on a few creteria such as:
    1- Features that NE(MSC/VLR, HLR etc) support(although all vendors claim that their follow the standards body.)
    2-Capability-signalling,trunk,provisioining, etc.
    3-O&M capabilities ( it will easier for O&M guys after)
    4-Also easy of conversation while any problems related to NE. For example if you choose the vendor difficult to convers and talk, then O&M will be difficult after.
    5- Last this is most important and sometime we from low level cannot avoid that. ๐Ÿ™‚ the higher management decision. The decision sometime not follow the above criteria, but of cost the value/price and also the power of give and take(you understand me..;)

    From my exprience, Nokia is the best, expecially interms O&M capabilities and features. Ericsson, alcatel. Siemens good interms of GMSC and International Switch. Huawei ?!!! the chinees vendor good in price but, i’m not sure interms of capabilities and features..

    But want i can suggest to you, do the network trial ( you can put it as a request while doing the RFP). The trial between different vendors with all capabilities and features need by your network. Then from that, you evaluate the best switch for your network, But point 5 come in mine…



    Hi Moshin,

    200% I agree with you that NOKIA is the best.Be it MSC or BSC or HLR or even OSS.

    becoz I worked in both nokia and ericsson( the worst)

    Ericsson systems take large and small frequently ( not drink — reload)

    APG nodes are introduced only to trouble the O&M people.

    really fedup with ericsson systems

    Eric guys pls comment


    Hi RS,

    I agree with you I feel sometimes ERICSSON SYSTEMS they consumes SMALL+LARGE also.

    I meant the technicians are forced to take after work.




    Hi, colleagues!
    From maintenance point of view – Huawei is the best.
    It has embedded traces for all interfaces and protocols(ISUP, MAP, SCCP, TCAP; CCS7 links,R2, A,C,D interfaces). You can very clear see all meassages in readable format (no HEX or BIN). All messages are decoded – so no need special knowledge to understand it. Even high level managers can understand it ๐Ÿ™‚


    hi all,

    Nokia also have one like in Huawei. Huawei is more like copier MSC (what chiness always do) and claim theirs.

    sameer lo

    Hi Friends
    i had worked on Lucent system and I found it slite easier for O & M people to work.
    Mainly Trouble shooting is easier in Lucent System.u can go upto the Bottom of the fault to rectify.
    I heard Huawai MSC is also easy to operate.i.e.If there is any faults.


    It would be interesting to know what specific O&M features are better in Nokia compared with other vendors, since it seems to be outstanding and not forcing you to consume a lot of drinks after work ๐Ÿ™‚
    In addition to the tracing tool and less SW restarts/refresh what makes a Nokia MSC so easy to operate ?
    GUI ?
    Better CLI ?
    Good PM data

    Majeed Aslam Raja

    NORTEL DMS is the best in OAM as far as support is concern.


    The interesting and challenging switch to troubleshoot is ERICSSON. No othe switch is as open in std. than ERICSSON


    Guys I have worked on almost all technologies,each has its own dis/advantages.
    Ericsson being very compact,low power consuming,faster data base configuration but having poor BHCA.
    Siemens having very good processors.
    Nokia being stable switch but lacks in mml.
    Lucent bulky and so much of form feeding its really tiring but appears to be at advantage in CDMA.
    In ny opinion winner is Ericsson (Also stats says 40% of mobile calls wordwidw runs over Ericsson)
    So Eric guys cheer up..


    i am new in this field can any one guide me how do i enter


    NOKIA new h/w i ver. is the best as worked and feel O & M is much easier then others.



    Siemens is best! reliable…. no fancy OAM but very reliable. once it’s working you can leave for years.


    I think ZTE a chinese vendor is the best, very cheap in price and it is very easy to operate it.
    the worest switch i ever saw is a swicth from Telos Tech from Canada. The whole switch msc,vlr, hlr and auc it is very small 1m in height and it consist of two big computers in a rack nothing else.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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