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    i need information about APZ 212 30 and APZ 212 33c And APG 40
    and the step to follow to test a new bsc node or msc node (Byb axe810)

    Maurizio Montagna

    I would likew to know what is the architecture of the APG 40. I heard about Node a and Node B in a hot satand by operation and I heard about System boards and Peripheral boards……Can someone send me the configuration?


    Hi all
    An APG40 is an Input-output Sytem
    it allows to comminicate to the CP, and remote site
    using telnet for example
    APG40 is seen as one system of two windows server (node A, node B)
    When one system is Active, the other one is passive
    The Operating System, is embedded in a card (The System Board)
    on the system board you have two connection in order to communicate to the CP (IPN Connection) you have as well mousse and keyboard connection.
    The other connection that allows to communicate with the external (Ethernet Public port,Maintenance Port)are on the Peripheral board.
    All data are collected and sent to the data disks (embedded in PSU/HDD Board).
    Only the active node can access to the data disk and we have two data disks boards:
    one in node A, and one in node B, that are mirrored thanks to the RAID-1
    We have as well an alarm board, on which we can connect an alarm display

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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