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Asking for Erl and BHCA definition!

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    Peter Uyen

    Dear experts,
    I have 02 quetions.
    1. In switching exchange, we refer to the BHCA (means number of calls in busy hour), is that right? How can we define this parameter? Or how can we calculate this?
    2. Erl: What is the basic of this parameter? How can we define this?
    For example: Normal subcribers have 0.01 – 0.03 Erl. Where does this result from?
    Thks a lot.


    BHCA stands for Busy Hour Call Attempts . which implies that this parameter relates to number of call attempts in a busy hour and not the number of calls made in a busy hours . suppose a subscriber attempted 5 times to make a call in a hour for a telecom switch , but the call was made through only once , then the BHCA is 5 and not 1.
    Most of the telecom switches are designed on the basis of BHCA .If a switch is having a BHCA of 80000 then it indicates on this switch 80000 call attempts can be made on a busy hour and switch will be able to cater all of then , switch will not be having any instability problems.Now how many calls become successful out of these attempts is another case.

    Peter Uyen

    Thks very much! Yatender


    In any swithching network when there is a busy hour and if some user may be blocked due to rush i.e that there are too many useres then what is the method to increase over network capacity.As i am using the ewsd network.


    Hi All,

    What kind of Routes I have to observe for BHCA Calculation ?

    I have

    1.PSTN Routes
    2.Inter MSC Routes
    3.BSC Routes
    4.VMS Routes
    5.Announcement Platform Routes



    All. In case of more than 80% usage…add more E1.


    You may also add to your monitoring..

    1. Intra-MSC
    2. IGF
    3. SMS Boxes
    4. Value Added Services


    can you tell me, what we are required before implementing a POI(Point of interconnectivity) between two switches.


    Hi Narender,

    For POI, you need to have the
    – approval from other switch( if other switch belongs to another operator)
    – How the POI will be done , thru OFC, or Copper cable ?
    – If its SS7 link , then Point Codes, SRS, SLS, link set, signalling channel etc.


    WHY USEING BHCA???????????


    how is bsc capacity calculated

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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