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Video conferencing Issue

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    Hi all,
    I have an interesting and a challenging problem, i really need an expert in this the problem is as follows:

    I have designed a Video conferencing network through satellite. Now since having my own transmit station is costy and i require the source signal location to be flexible, i have designed the network to be an IP to stallite broadcast.

    1 – I will connect my source signal , though polycom equipment, the signal will be on 1 Mbps connecting to a partner company.

    2 – This Company will recive the signal with a video conferencing equipment the it will Uplink my video conferencing signal to the satellite as a DVB.

    3 – I will recive the signal throug a normal antenna.

    What’s the problem? there you go:
    My partner company said that i need a Video conferencing equipment that is of the same type and brand of the source equipment. otherwise they cant decode the signal to a DVB.
    The problem arise if i have a client (The source) wwho already have an equipment of different type i will then have to buy the same equipment to my partner company for them to uplink the signal for each time i change the source.

    Is their anyway or any equipment with which i can decode the video conference IP signal from any source equipment? and then uplink it to the satellite?

    I am in a desperate need for a solution, please help

    Thank you,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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