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    Hallo, I have following question.
    Lets assume RLC/MAC ack mode, LLC unack. mode. Lets imagine situation that you have establihed TBF. Lets say that this UL TBF has been established for transmission of two LLC frames segemted in 10 (fist frame) and another 10 (second) RLC/MAC data blocks. Some blocks from the first frame e.g. numbers 2,4,7 are acknowledged others are not ack at the moment and at this situation abnormal TBF release occures. Question is if mobile after succesfull TBF reestablishment will retransmit all 10 data blocks from the first LLC frame or if all of these data blocks are definitelly lost? In other words if after TBF reestablishment LLC frames that were only partially ack (at the time of abnormal TBF release) are completly lost? Is somhere in stadard written when exacly data are deleated from sender buffer on RLC protocol?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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