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RBS 200 problem

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    In my exchange, AXE MSC software is R9, BSC is R9.
    The call make in RBS 2206 ( R9) is OK but some problems with RBS 200. We can setup the call, but can not listen each other in RBS 200.
    Last time when MSC/BSC is R8, it is OK with RBS 200. So please tell me what happent with RBS 200? Is it neccessary to upgrate the software for RBS 200? Here is the software of RBS 200. Thank you very much
    RICSR 1946/CAA 117 1109/B07C R1A05 RICS-224
    RITSR 1946/CAA 117 1110/B07D R2A01 RITS-224
    RILTR 1946/CAA 117 1108/B07C R1A06 RILT-784&&-799
    TWR 2/CAA 117 064/1 E R1A01 TW-49
    EXAL0R 1400/CAA 117 052/1B R2A01 EXAL0-1568&&-1599
    REPER 1401/CAA 117 2516/1N R1B02
    EMGFDR 1402/CAA 117 054/1N R3B01
    TEETR 1000/CAA 117 067/1N R2A01


    can you give me some more details of the problem. do you mean that when you make an ms to ms call on the rbs 200 you cannot hear each others speech?
    If so it will not be a problem with the software you mentioned as this is only EMG sw and is not really related to that sort of problem. Could be many things!


    When MS belong to rbs200, they somtimes can not hear each others speech from MS or PSTN. This happened when our exchange upgrated MSC/BSC from R8 to R9. I dont think about radio parameter, because it is OK with R8.
    Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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