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ss7 MAP for fix SMS provider

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    Hello Everybody,

    I’m working for an east center europe fix line network telephone company.

    After 3 years that we intoduced the fix SMSC to our company, we would like to change it, because there are a lot of technical problems, that the solution provider couldn’t fix: -number portability, -technical failures, -data safe, – send SMS to abroad, etc.

    We found a new company, which can fix all these problems, and it’s able to develope the ss7 protocoll for there new SMSC (now we connect to the mobile operators with UCP). We started technical reconcilations with the biggest mobile operator in ur country, but there technical professionals notified us, if we use the ss7 protocoll to conntect with them, there would be problems with there roaming subscibers, because being a fix line telephone operator, we don’t have IMSI code.

    I.e.: If there mobile subscriber goes to abroad, and want to send an SMS to our network, it wouldn’t be successfull, becase we don’t have an IMSI code, and the mobile operator in abroad (whose network is being use by the subscriber) couldn’t recognise our network, and the SMS wouldn’t be terminated.

    Please help us, how to get an IMSI code, and if you have any idea to solve this problem.

    Thank you very much.

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    Hi akosmo..

    IMSI format : MCC MNC MSIN…

    Usually IMSI is belong to mobile operator, and the IMSI is control by the goverment which responsible for a licences…

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    One work around is to send a dummy imsi along with a VLR id which would correspond to a dummy SMSC GT of our network on a request from other network.

    Doing this When a roaming subscriber sends you a message your network would provide a dummy imsi( dummy imsi) and a vlr id which would pertain to your network and terminate in your smsc , then on your smsc should process the destination and origination number along with the data context and terminate the same to the B party, and simply ignore imsi sent across.

    Sequence flow

    1)Roaming sub initiates a SMS , it reaches his home SMSC (sms submit)
    2)local SMSC does a SRI_SM query to your HLR ( here it would be your smsc GT ) over SS7 and get the VLR id and imsi from your network
    3) your HLR (smsc here) send a dummy imsi with valid VLRId ( GT of SMSC sever) back to him
    4) His SMSC then tries to deliver the message ( FORWARD SM) to your VLR ID mentioned , here it would be your SMSC GT.
    5) Throughh SS7 links you get the MT deliver packet on to yur SMSC system and its your internal lookout of how the system can be designed to handle requests ignoring imsi field and just taking orig and dest field.
    6) you then send a deliver acknowlege to the remote smsc who terminated a message to you.

    In a nut shell your SMSC should cater to HLR/VLR/SMSC functionality for a foriegn network .

    Hope it helps !!


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    ishwar ajay

    Is it possible msc submits SMS to SMSC more than 1 times for single SMS, if yes then when?

    i am getting this problem

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    Are You sure that it’s the same message-packet and repeated by MSC (not by subscriber)?

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    Dear, ishwar ajay!
    Ms may, but MSC – not. MS – in case of no relay protocol layer or CP layer acknowledgements from SMSC.

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