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Traffic Models

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    Raúl González

    I m looking for products/literature related to traffic models for third
    generation mobile telecommunication systems.
    Best regards:
    Raúl González

    Mwenya Mutale

    Hi Raul,

    That is what I’m looking for as well.I started pondering on this issue about two months ago,and I have disovered there seems to exist no good traffic model for 3rd mobile communication.Since I have my final year project on the same, I invite you to share some facts about the models.E-mail me using this address:

    Best Regards.

    Amrit Agarwal

    This is a difficult question right now for the 3G industry. The industry is currently looking at the Poisson’s arrival model since this is the only model which best describes the arrival of the packet data and the probability of its arrival.
    Have a look at the web site

    Fertice Miller


    I am in need of diagrams/pictures and or physical models of call center operations demonstrating a call taken from field to order placing and tracking using a call center. Simply put a colorful powerpoint will do the trick. I am trying to integrate it into a proposal. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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