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Echo in GSM network

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    Can anyone help in resolving echo problem in the GSM and what may be the Probable cause of the echo in certain BTS(CITY MACRO)



    Normally echo in a GSM network is presented in calls to/from PSTN.
    According to standard GSM Mobile Stations have the capability to reduce this efect but it depends also in which kind of mobile are you using for.
    Also in transcoder unit there must be a feature or parameter called acoustic echo canceller when you set delay in miliseconds to indicated the system to cancell echo signal. Recommended value can be from 200 to 400 ms.


    Thanks oliver for the reply
    in my case at particular point of time the echo is coming even if both the calling and the called party are mobiles, it happen only in particular point of time. if i disconnect the call and call the same number(the MS was in the same sector)after some time i don’t hear echo.
    as per u r reply if the transcoder parameter has to be changed then all the sites connected to that Transcoder has to be affected but it doesn’t happen so. what may be probable reason for that?.
    can it be the Problem with particular CIC’s alone??
    please reply


    Hi Vimal,

    do you use ericsson MSC? Ericsson MSCs have Echo Cancellers. If you hear Echo from Mobile to Mobile there are ESS and ESR parameters in B-number table. You may need to modify these parameters.

    As Oliver said, you can hear echo from Mobile to PSTN or from PSTN to Mobile because some PSTN exchanges are old crossbar exchanges.


    so I said wrong..It will Routing Case table..:)


    we are using seimens EWSD switch, my friends said that is because of problem with the CIC’s is it correct ??

    Santosh Kunte , India

    We are also facing echo related problem in PSTN to Mobile and Mobile to Mobile calls also. Can any body knows ths reason . What parameter we have to check. We are using ERICSSON AXE10 Switch.


    Hi all experts,

    Pls let me know How the Echo happens? And how it can be eliminated in NOKIA and SIEMENS based Sytems.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards


    Lamination or handset cover also causes the Echo problem…


    Can any one help to resolve the Echo issue between PSTN network to mobile network.

    If a call made from A party PSTN network to B party mobile network is only hearing Echo.

    In pstn network there is no option to have echo canceller.

    Call connectivity: A part termination PSTN switch —-> transits switch —->B party Mobile switch.

    Wallis Dudhnath

    In the past I used to look at Echo Suppressors and Echo Cancellers (EC).

    Essentially, for the PSTN you have points where the Two Wire Circuit (Local-Loop)
    is connected to a Linecard (SLIC/SLAC) so that a Four wire circuit is created for
    RX / TX connectivity. As a coil is used there is a chance for echoes to be generated as
    the Line Circuit is “not balanced”.

    Using an Echo Canceller with your circuit you can inject
    a signal to “dampen” the Echo. Good step is to look at your signalling routes and to configure via signalling the use of an EC.

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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