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migrating to 3G

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    Hi, guys!
    Does anybody know how gsm equipment makers migrating to EDGE or 3G? I’m working on Nokia and know that in nokia’s implementation you only have to replace ordinary TRX to “EDGE TRX” to have EDGE implemented on GSM network. But how other companies like ericsson, siemens, motorola? Which network elements you have to replace to have EDGE working in you network?



    for the ericsson solution, it is nearly the same,
    but some software modification are need in the area of the DTI and PCU and the Abis link. and the Transcodder.

    so the modification is a not so big. Mainly in the software.


    I think it should be so easy in every equipment, so I wonder why so small amount of networks supports EDGE and so small amount of mobile phones support EDGE? I guess users should like to use EDGE because of the speed of internet connection which at EDGE around 100 Kbit/s



    Maybe we do not need high speed gprs service now!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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