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Telecom basics

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    Coming from data networks I have no experience in voice/circuit switching (which is my new job!). Could someone points me to technical white papers /articles on the web describing the basics and some details?

    I’m also interested to have some book references on these subjects.

    Keywords: Intelligent Network(IN), TMN, T1/E1, PCM, TDM multiplexing, CCSS7

    Many Thanks,

    Uner Yildir

    Hi Anouch,

    I just wanted to learn if you are still in need some help regarding telecom. If so, please send me an email.

    Good luck and Welcome on Board.

    Uner YILDIR

    Ray Waibel

    Engineering Networks for Synchronization,CCS7, and ISDN

    P.K. Bhatnagar

    ISBN 0-7803-1158-2

    Very helpful.


    I am new to the telephony networking field.
    My responsibility is provision engineering
    telephone circuits using a word doc.

    My problem is I build these circuits T-1,
    HiCaps, 56ks,etc.. I want to know if any one
    can help me with the different equipment that
    are used including where access or test points
    belong,Cable pairs, channel banks,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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