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Very STRANGE Symptom in GSM network

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    Hi all,

    We are facing with very strange symptom in our network. Plz help to investigate if possible.

    Symptom 1: Customer X is the post-paid subscriber. When he stay in his home and his office, he only be able to receive calls from PSTN. Calls from other mobile subscribers to this number will receive the announcement “the number does not exist”. If he moves to another location, this symptom does not occur. And this symptom happens only with this subscriber. We were trying to fix it by reseting the outgoing/incoming call subscription, but the problem still persist. After removing the subscriber from the database and re-create it, the problem has been fixed.

    Symptom 2: Customer Y is the post-paid subscriber, and using Nokia 8310. He can make a calls to other subscriber of his HPLMN. But he CANNOT make calls to the mobile subscribers of another PLMN in the home country, as well as to PSTN subscriber. This problem does not happen by putting another SIM to his phone. And if we put his SIM to another phone, the problem still persist. We were trying to reset the outgoing/incoming call subscription, as well as remove/re-create the subscriber, but the symptom has not been fixed.

    Any comment, plz?


    hi mesa
    as i understood from you the problem is i specific MSC which is concerning the announcment of this subscriber,so check the end-of-selection of the this subscriber in data analysis if its not defined you must define it,and about the nokia mobule check its setting maybe there is wrong setting in network connection settings.


    Hi misa i think waleed is right it all goes down to the database. double check your database and with regards to symptom 2 can you put an analyzer to isolate the problem better.


    Hi all,

    Thank you for your concern. After removing and re-creating the subscriber in database, all of these problem were fixed. However, the problems were very strange!!!

    ATTN Waleed: could you describe more detailed, how to check and define the end-of-selection of the subscriber in data analysis ???

    Thanks for your help.


    ATTN Waleed:

    Could you help me to describe more detailed, how to check and define the end-of-selection of the subscriber in data analysis ?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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