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Looking for IMEI database

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    Hi all,

    As you may know, the IMEI format is XXXXXX-YY-ZZZZZZ-A, where the first 6 digits (XXXXXX) is called TAC (type allocation number), and the next 2 digits is FAC (final assembly number). Based on TAC, we can determine the phone model. And from FAC, we can know the country of origin.

    For example, if the IMEI is 350880-30-123456-7, then from TAC=350880 we know this is “Nokia 6800”, and from FAC=10 we know this phone is made in Korea.

    I am looking for such IMEI database. If you know where I can get it, plz let me know.

    My email:

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    Sorry, FAC=30 then the phone is made in Korea.
    If the FAC=10 then the country of origin is Finland.

    Anyone has any idea?

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    Be carefull using the IMEI. The IMEI structure has been changing. The last chab¿nged was for 1/1 2003, but there was a transition period between from 1/1 2003 to 31/3 2004.
    Present structure of IMEI:
    IMEI is today defined as TAC, FAC and serial number. TAC and FAC is assigned by a reporting body (Cetecom). FAC is then also partly controlled by SEMC since it’s related per production site.

    New structure of IMEI:
    The new structure is valid from 1/1 2003.
    IMEI will be defined in the following fields

    Type Allocation Code, TAC 8 digits
    Each type of phone is assigned to one or several TAC depending on the number of produced units.
    A major change to a type requires a new TAC assignment.

    TAC is divided into two groups, NN, XXXXYY.
    NN is the reporting body identifier (Cetecom)
    XXXXYY is running numbers assigned per type. YY has a special meaning during the transition period.

    Transition period
    Runs from 1/1 2003 to 31/3 2004.
    During this time reporting body assigns new TAC as defined below but with YY set to 00. The running number on TAC will then be:
    NN123400, NN123500, NN123600
    Starting from 1/4 2004 the running numbers will be NN123400, NN123401……

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    Hi Sophie,

    Thanks for your useful information.

    However, where I can get a list of the TAC and corresponding model type?


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    The list and TAC has to be give from the telephones manufactures.

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    Other comment, plz ???

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    Hi all

    Anyone know my country of origin if the IMEI number is: 351346/40/032625/4

    Thanks and best regards,


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    That’s Finland. Here’s a good tool if you need to look that up in the future:

    Hope this helps!


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    Thank you so much Justin

    Thank you so much Justin,

    Yes I have known the website you said but according to the FAC in my 7250, it is 40 then the phone was made in China.
    More, in the IMEI analyzer tool you advise, it does not state the authentic manufacture. So I am still in doubt about my phone despite it operates beautifully.

    Best regards,


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    Do Tuan

    I have this IMEI:350604301068891

    Please let me know the country of origin

    Thank you

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    The FAC=30 so country of origin=Korea.

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    would inform on how we can get the database imei ?

    #39118 Reply
    unais mam

    I couldn’t find out my mobile country of origin so pls let me know how to find it easily.I’m using a Huawei Ascend G730 & IMEI Number’s 862751024794328

    #39119 Reply
    vaishnav chavan

    My FAC in imei no is 25. can u pls tell me the quality f the phone n where it was manufactured…

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    my Note5(Sm-N920CD) IMEI # 352959075965070 need origin country

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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