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Behaviour of CDMA MSC

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    Could anyboy please tell me if it is possible to send to an MSC from an Operator application a parameter in a ISUP message that the MSC will keep to send back to the application after iit has asked the HLR for rounting information?

    What I mean is, Will the MSC keep information received in an ISUP message to send it back to the original sender after is has completed MAP communication with the HLR?

    Hope this make sense and you could help!

    Many thanks!



    Just configur your applicatin as a STP to the MSC. Configure the MSC in such a way that it acts as SSP.

    In other words make your application as a virtual loop back just as we make in GSM networks.

    If we do so. The MSC will store all the information regading from which MSC it receieved the ISUP message and when your application send back a response it will just loop back another message to the same MSC.

    If you send me your mail id I can send you a detailed call flow how it will work.



    What are you talking about ?

    Can you explain a bit ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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