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Subscriber Services Activation

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    Any one can explain “in details” how the following will be analyzed in the MSC (Ericsson):

    for example activation of call forward/waiting/.. using codes like *21# ?



    two different scenarios: one is co-located HLR (customer profiles held in the AXE), second is stand alone HLR (could be AXE, JAMBALA, Compaq, etc)

    in standard translations (The OBA is the one specified in the IMSI table (GSM/CDMA switches) or ANMSI table (TDMA switches), wherever the customer start dialing pattern is, look for the codes (easiest way is just let them all print out by using ANBSP:B=xx-#11; ) when the feature code is reached and dialed correctly, the call is sent to route MVS (mobile visitor services) for handling by the HLR. The HLR is the one specified in the IMSI table (GSM/CDMA switches) or ANMSI table (TDMA switches) as the EXM parameter


    part 2: when MSC sends signal to HLR via route MVS, it is up tp the HLR to define what the dialed digits mean…transfer busy (TRB), transfer no reply (TRN), call waiting (CAW & ENQ) etc

    most common is stand alone HLR. above is still the same for co-located HLR in AXE (I have not seen co-located HLR in 7 years in North America..mostly Compaq/Tandem telecom)


    DC Again this is different.

    Monzir is asking abt How * & # is Analysed.Not abt other things you have explained here.

    Monzir I will get you the answer…

    Just give your ( two )mail id at

    DC One morething…if you are refering STANDALONE HLR then never mention “HLR-CO Located ” – better call it as INTEGRATED.In Asia most of the AXE GSM Nodes having INTEGRATED HLRs.

    HLR CoLocated is used for other Purposes.

    HLR – CO LOCATED is for something else.

    What do you thing ?


    One more thing…

    “The HLR is the one specified in the IMSI table (GSM/CDMA switches)”

    I think better words are….

    In IMSI Analysis–You wont define HLR Address.Only MGT.

    MGT is used to reach the HLR thorugh SCCP Routing.


    rahul shelar

    Hello Sir, Please send me information about GSM/CDMA switches.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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