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Local vs Roaming Routing (IN)

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    I wud like to generate IN triggers for local MT calls to one SCP and
    roaming MT calls to another SCP.
    So say when the person is in his own network. any calls to him are triggered to SCP (say A) and when he roams outside the n/w, the triggers are sent to SCP (say B)
    I know this can be done, but how !!
    Is this something to do with HLR profiles ?

    Can some dude throw some light on this ?



    Interesting Topic…..

    Are you using INAP or CAP ( CAMEL ) for SCP Communication.



    i zhink it shdn’t matter
    whether its INAP /CAMEL.
    But me plan to use INAP.


    In INAP it is not possible to allow roaming triggers enabled.. unless both the networks are of same type ie., having same branded switches and same operators.

    Even though if u want to get the (profile) information (from HLR) to you system for each subscriber you should query the HLR with an update location Map queary and be shure that you cancel the query with out commiting (Commiting = sending update location end) at the last.


    Hello Raool,

    Could you let me know why? you think there is need for such requirement?.


    Daniel Dong

    what’s the defferences between INAP and CAP?

    who can give me a example about INAP or CAP? with AXE10 commands is better


    INAP and CAP Both are Used for IN-Application.

    INAP-Protocal has differnt versions.Even each Vendor has their own version with PARAMETERS they use it for their equipments.

    CAP-Standard for IN.Can be supported by all Vendors.
    Prepaid Roaming is easier than INAP.

    in AXE10 There is no differnt commands.All the commands are related for SSF Functionality only.SSF Can use any protocal-INAP/CAP like a PARAMETER Having Different Values.But AXE Needs the specific SW for using either INAP/CAP or Both.


    Wallis Dudhnath

    During the very late 1990s there was an initiative to drive
    VHE/OSA – Virtual Home Environment and Open Service Architecture.

    At that time IN – Intelligent Network – Services were proving popular and there was a need to see if these Services (Charging/Prepaid, VPN,
    Number Translation, etc..) can be used in the VPLMN. To help, Network Features were standardised by 3GPP for CAMEL – Customised Application Mobile Enhanced Logic. This led to MAP V3 (and onwards)and CAP V2 (and onwards up to CAP V4). This allowed the home gsmSCF tobe used by the VLPMN. As CAMEL is standardised it promotes interoperability
    between different gsmSSF, gprsSSF, gsmSCF, gsmSCF, IP, etc..

    If the gsmSCF and the Networks are from the same vendor
    then it is possible to triger to different SCPs based on if they are in the HPLMN or the VPLMN

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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