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Reply To: Cyclic Prefix Length for 5G Frame Structure?

Wallis Dudhnath

For a digital communication system that has Networked nodes (e.g. gNodeBs, RANs, PGW, SGW, UE Clients, etc..) a Frame Structure is key to ensuring that Signalling and Payload messages can be constructed to a protocol specification and can be delivered.

If there are any errors an ARQ – Automatic Request – is made so that the message can be re-sent for processing. CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Check – is used to ensure that transmission errors have not “crept in”.

Frame structure and CRC, or check sums, are not new. They have been with SS7 / C7, ISDN, GSM, 3G, etc.. Network nodes for Wireless and Wireline solutions.

Having a Frame Structure helps with debugging and this helps to understand which node is not “aligned” to the interface specification.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath