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Reply To: Using Excel to Calc Forecasted SLA



I have a query on the same lines as Jamie…

I wish to optimise the overtime in my organisation. Hence I am working on a tool which can help provide data that if the overtime was not accrued for a particular interval… what impact it will have on actual Service Level. Example as below….

The below data is past dated and have taken Actuals data.

Actual SL = 93%,
Call Volume = 4653,
AHT = 230,
Total Scheduled FTE = 615,
Shift Scheduled FTE = 575,
Overtime FTE = 40,
Service Time = 30,
Interval = 30 mins

So…. We are looking at a scenario where if we hadn’t accrued the 40 agents from Overtime FTE, what impact it will create on ServiceLevel which ended at 93%. How much lower the Service Level will drop if Overtime was not accrued on that particular interval. I tried the SLA formula using Erlang but it didn’t work….

Is there any other calculation wherein I can figure out the impact on SL if OT was not accrued.

Thank You