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Reply To: cell individual offset

Israr Ahmad

An offset is allocated for each cell being monitored. The offset can be
positive or negative. Before the UE judges whether an event occurs,
adds the offset to the measurement result. If the PCPICH uses a positive
offset, the UE sends the measurement report just like PCPICH is
x dB better than the actual case. Or, if the PCPICH uses a negative
offset, the PCPICH report is limited.

(((((((((((((((((( When the cell individual offset is used, the corresponding cell is possibly (at least temporarily) the target cell of the handover or removed from the active set.))))))))))))))))))

It means that this value (calculated based on CIO settings) is reported to the neighbors by the SRNC and then the neighbors give priority to this cell on basis of the final value.