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Reply To: Westbay CC-Excel Erlang add-in VS. Erlang97 Add-in

Tom Howard

Hi Jonathan,

My company produces and sells CC-Excel and I know it’s a great product – you wouldn’t expect me to say anything different. In truth, both products should show the same results because they’re both based on the Erlang traffic models . The operational limits of the two products may be different . CC-Excel has a simpler and slicker installation procedure – no manual installation of files required.

Really though, it comes down to the differences between any paid and free products. Making CC-Excel (and other products) is our job rather than a hobby. That gives us the incentive to make sure it works properly on the latest version of Windows and Excel. We react quickly to support queries and we provide that support and product upgrades for life. CC-Excel comes with comprehensive documentation and an example workbook.

Free and premium both have their place in this world.


All the best,
Tom Howard,
Westbay Engineers Ltd.