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Reply To: Erlang-calcs in Excel

Tom Howard

Yes, we offer an Excel add-in called Erlang for Excel that adds Erlang functionality to your own spreadsheets. It adds these functions:

Erlang for Excel

Erlang for Excel installs nine Erlang B and Erlang C functions into Microsoft Excel:

Function name Description
ErlBLines() Estimates how many lines you need if you know your busy hour traffic.
ErlBBlocking() Estimates the blocking a trunk group will experience.
ErlBTraffic() Estimates the traffic that can be offered to your trunk group before blocking exceeds your target.
ErlCAgents() Estimates how many agents you need to handle your incoming calls.
ErlCCalls() Estimates how many inbound calls your agents can handle, keeping within your performance targets.
ExtErlBLines() Same as ErlBLines, but takes call retries into account.
ErlBBlocking() Same as ErlBBlocking, but takes call retries into account.
ExtErlBTraffic() Same as ErlBTraffic, but takes call retries into account.

For example, if you want a cell to show the number of lines required to keep to your blocking target of 0.01 and your Busy Hour Traffic is in cell B6, you would enter this formula into the cell:


Erlang for Excel is packaged with Westbay Traffic Calculators, an Erlang calculator for Windows. Together, they can provide your total Erlang calculation requirements, for life.