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Reply To: B-Table

Wallis Dudhnath

All Stored Program Switches, i.e. a Digital Time_Space_Time Telephone Exchange, has a Digit Decoder. This is used to analyse the received digits and the Call Processing software determines how the Telephony Call will be handled and Routed. For Ericsson’s AXE10 Switches the Digit Decoder is the B and A Number Analysis Tables. The setup and configuration of the B and A Number Analysis Tables is done using Data Transcript – DT.

Key AXE10 blocks to look at: RE, REIAA, REIBA, REICH, PREA, DA and RA. These blocks are used with the Traffic_Control_Software.

For Mobile IN – Intelligent Network – calls a flag is used with the HLR/HSS. This can be a CAMEL flag, e.g. O-CSI (Originating CAMEL Subscription Identity) or a Category Key, e.g. OICK (Originating IN Category Key). For Wireline IN I was able to “trigger” IN using the B-Number Analysis Tables.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath