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Reply To: Products, CFS and RFS

Wallis Dudhnath


Below is a high level description of eTOM, SID and TAM.

-Business Process Framework (earlier known as eTOM – enhanced Telecommunication Operation Map) captures the key and typical business processes that a Communication Service Provider (CSP) will support so that they can become “digital” CSP with agile qualities.

At a high level there is “operations” and this covers: Fulfillment, Assurance and Billing (FAB). FAB processes ensure that Services can be delivered and that they can be charged / billed (usage).

-Shared Information Data (SID): A model that abstracts information in the Network. Promotes integration.

-Telecommunication Application Map (TAM): Description of the software stack for the OSS/BSS environment. Helps to list the software artifacts that are used with the AS-IS software stack.

-Integration Framework: API Gateways and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) / Enterprise Application Integration.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath