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Reply To: Ericsson EPG SDF, ACR & Rating Group

Wallis Dudhnath

Hi Sitraka,

Rating Groups (RGs), SP IDs, etc.. are configured with the PGW that supports an internal SASN (PISC / DPI).

PGW will use Gy to a 3GPP OCS (e.g. Ericsson Charging_System 5.x, CS17, etc..) so that the session (e.g. VoLTE / viLTE / etc..) can be rated and charged using the Rating Engine and the assigned Resources (Dedicated Accounts, Composite Accounts, Offers, etc..).

Gy will use Diameter Credit Control Requests / Answers (CCR/CCAs) to the 3GPP OCS platform.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath