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Reply To: CRH parameter issue


Hello Samer,

What kind of effect are you looking for ?

You should see a decrease of the number of 2G LAU on cells located at lac borders.
However, it might be difficult to see it… because there is still many 2G LAU due to 3G to 2G mobility (at the end of a call with IRAT HO , or Idle mode 3G-2G). So you shouldn’t expect such a huge impact of CRH on the number of 2G LAU. On top of that, CRH will reduce the pingpong 2G LAU, but many MS are really moving from LAC to LAC (physical mobility along highways, roads, rails…), in which case the CRH will only delay the inevitable LAU.

To reduce the 3G2G mobility,
– activate the “fast reselection”,
– inhibit the IRAT HO,
– decrease the qRxlevmin (from -112dBm to -114dBm for example)