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Reply To: Analysing the core network of CDMA

Wallis Dudhnath

Have a look at 3GPP and ITU specifications. Below are examples. You can get the specifications via a Google search.

ITU-T Recommendation E.880:

“Field data collection and evaluation on the performance of equipment, networks and services”

ITU-T Recommendation X.731:

“Information technology – Open Systems Interconnection – Systems Management: State management function”.

ISO 8571: “Information processing systems – Open Systems Interconnection – File Transfer, Access and Management”.

GSM 12.04: “Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+) (GSM); Performance data measurements”.

GSM 12.06: “Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+) GSM network configuration management”.

3GPP TS 32.300: “Telecommunication management; Configuration Management (CM); Name convention for Managed Objects”.

3GPP TS 32.302: “Telecommunication management; Configuration Management (CM); Notification Integration Reference Point (IRP): Information Service”.