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Reply To: Paging during SMS



Ok, but what do you think happens in the MSC during the timer T3113 ?
It’s probable the MSC is able to make the connection between the 1st paging and a MS in MM state half a second later. It is probable that the MSC will not consider the Paging as “failed”, but rather is able to connect the incoming call to the “SMS-sending” MS.

IMO the key of the problem is that SMS setup time is much shorter than T3113.I don’t know how many times I repeated that already 😀 But I understand if this answer is not acceptable to you, but yet you didn’t explained to me why it’s not a reasonnable explanation.

T3113 timer :
“the MSC initiates the paging process by broadcasting a “paging request” message on the paging sub channel (IMSI or TMSI of the MS and its Paging Group) and starts timer T3113. (…) Upon receipt of the “Paging Response” MSC stops the timer T3113. If the timer T3113 expires and a “Paging Response” message has not been received, the MSC may repeat the “Paging Request” message and start T3113 all over again. The number of successive paging attempt is a network dependent choice.”