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Reply To: Paging during SMS


Hello Pix,

Thanks for your reply but we have conducted thorough testing and the results were opposite (during SMS sending process, the paging was successful and almost 99% of the calls terminated successfully on the same MS which was used for SMS origination)…

As per my knowledge, as long as the MS has not established an MM link/state with MSC during SMS sent phase, it would be unreachable (When there would be no CP_Data msg) and the paging would be failed; However, when there would be a MM state established between MS and MSC during SMS, at that time, the paging to that MS would be successful…MSC would use that link to page MS…

Is this is the real scenario ? Please confirm. Actually we are more surprised on the 99% successful paging rate during SMS setup; practically, it should be 50 50… What do you say ?