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Reply To: Transmit signals at the same frequency


I was reading your post and is very interesting. Pix ask you for more information because anybody can give you their point of view about something that apparently is new, when you give more clues the apparently will disappear and experts like Pix can give you a better point of view and instruct you in the pathway you need to follow.
By the way you need support and facts to contact any reasearch institution or standarization body, support from your University for example, however you may need to get a patent first in order to protect your investigation because it can be successful or very successful.
When you have the patent first, then you can contact somebody that help you to build a little project to get experimental outcomes that give you facts, beleive me MATHLAB is a very good tool but you need to see how to set up a real working prototype, then you can expose it to the world like, Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson, etc., it can be indirectly like writing a white paper and send it to IEEE, 3GPP, etc. or RCRWireless for example because when some companies like the mentioned see the oportunities then they’ll contact you because you are the patent owner.
Best regards,