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Reply To: RRC establishment fails


hi llme,

Thanks a lot for sharing your issue here, it’s very interesting.

Failure after Adm are a pain in the a$$…. Did it increase suddenly, or was it always high ?

Possible causes :
1/ TN issue (Iub)
2/ RNC issue (sw issue)
3/ Core network issue

Try doing a Iub lock + cold restart of the RBS.

Also, please show the values for one day, so I can have a better understanding.

pmxh cell=… afteradm|pmTotNoRrcConnectReq -m 4 -a

If the RBS Restart did not work, then GPEH traces are the next step.

So let me recap:
1/ sudden increase ?
2/ share pmx results
3/ do a iub lock + rbs cold restart