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Reply To: number not available or not reachable


In Huawei system @ BSC level does have a feature called “sending short message” which can be set to “Allowed” or “Not Allowed”. The same parameter can be set for temporary basis to stop or start SMS services in entire BSC.
Also on cell level we can restrict the SMS services by setting parameters “Short Message Downlink Disabled” & “Short Message UPlink Disabled”. This is used mainly during some crises or social activism, riots,etc in perticular areas.

I hope in NSN or Erricson must have the similar parameter. Please search it by somewhat similar nomencleture.

@ Makarand:
# Qstn=> During voice call , if i received any PS paging will it responded ?so will it cause PS PSR degradation ==
ANSWER>> There are parameters on BSS & NSS like “A-interface collaboration paging switch ” , “BSS Paging Coordination ” takes care of CS PSR when handling PS services. PS responses will happen on A interface.

For CS PSR its simple to have=> (Number of 1st +Number of Repeat paging responses)*100/ (Total Paging Msg sent on A interface)

How u calculate or monitor PS PSR?