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Reply To: ALU – Low Uplink TBF Success Rate


I checked all the counter of failures and highest failures are because of “P105k – NB_DL_TBF_EST_FAIL_TOO_MANY_TBF” which is defined as
Number of DL TBF establishment failures due to:
– a too low number of GCH to guarantee a minimum throughput for the DL TBF.
– This may happen when the number of TBFs is too high compared to the number
of available GCHs.
– or the MAX_TBF_TRX_DL_GP[U] constraint.

from which what I can understand is that there is the lack of resources between MFS and Site, either on ABIS or ATERMUX but when you check the congestin on ATER it is totally ZERO but there is sligth congestion on ABIS during the hours of degradations for example if too many TBF congestion is in thousands then ABIS congestion is in tens or twenties.So, it’s a bit confusing.