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Reply To: Ericsson CE



this alarm indicates that the number of licensed CE allocated on the DUW1 is higher than the HW capacity of the DUW.
If there are 2 DUW on this RBS :
increase the dlfractbbpool2, in order to provide more licensed CE to DUW2 and less to DUW1.

If only one DUW, then nevermind : the licensed CE are just too high, and the actual number of CE will be the hardware limit.

If DUW30, check that the HS Resources is at least 3, that’s a way to increase the hw ce capacity. Sometimes it’s set to “2” only.

Could you please paste the top & bottom tables of “invh” (the one with DUW, and the one with CE licenses + resources)
and the result of “get . fract”