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Reply To: TFO in B11


Hi Pix and Ian,
we continued to activate the TFO but again we faced the same problems. The problems are when the TFO_AMR_NB is active there is high SQI degradation , basic after execution of HO. From customers point of view problems are with the quality degradation and the voice interrupted.
We tried to tuned some parameters related to TFO and disabled the DTX for AMR_NB but the problems still exist.
My TFO parameters are :
FORCE TFO HR WHEN LOADED=Not forced( is it correct ?)
FORCE TFO vs AMR=Disable
KEEP_CODEC_HO=Free choice of codec
Is the maching for TFO negotiation is done codecs or codecs+equal bit rate?
What can be the reasons for this voice quality degradations?

Best regards,