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Reply To: For Pix-ALU SDCCH Drops(Radio)


Hi Pix,

AMR Is enabled, Also below are my pint wise reply :

1.TCH Drop is High on BCCH TRX, (i.e 10-15 Drops on BCCH TRX, 2nd TRX Only 2-4 Drops).

2. SDCCH Drop I am not able to find at TRX Level- Though SDCCH Is defined On BCCH TRX Only for the cell verified.

3. UL_RxQual Samples are almost same on both the TRX(Calc : sum(0-5)/sum(0-7)*100), i.e Rx-Qual UL- TRX -1 = 98.28. TRX-2 = 98.30 (for 1 Day).

4.DL_RxQual Samples are Poor in BCCH TRX (Calc : sum(0-5)/sum(0-7)*100), i.e Rx-Qual DL- TRX -1 = 95.95. TRX-2 = 96.21 (for 1 Day).

5.Also I have checked “Number of calls with bad quality measurements and with bad FER measurements on the uplink path” : TRX 1 = 225 on an avg. & TRX 2 = 50 on an avg for 10-15 Days.

6. UL & DL Interference is also High in BCCH TRX.

7.SDCCH Drops are High Since begining,No Impact of High SD Drops seen after Frq Plan Implementation.