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Reply To: ALU: DL PDU discarded due to congestion


Thanks a lot for your kind help, I really appreciate it!
According to flow control mechanism – I’ve found one parameter for MS flow control and one for BVC flow control:
T_Flow_Contorl_Cell = 0
T_Flow_Contorl_MS = 10

I’m thinking of changing the first one – from 0 to 5 (taking into account a recommendation T_Flow_Contorl_Cell < T_Flow_Contorl_MS and would be very interesting in your opinion. As for Ater load and GPU load – for that particular BSC I found 9 days (not consecutive) during the last month with Ater congestion time which was about 5-19 seconds (BH).But very often I see that Aters are in high load state – so I think it’s reasonable to add at least 2 Ater PS… What do you think? Oh, and one question about Ater PS – please 🙂 We’re going to activate a new feature – BSS Paging coordination. As I understand the only dangerous is suppose GSL overload because of increasing of signaling between MFS and BSC – is it correct? I have been trying to find in NPO some indicators like GSL_load or GSL_cong – something like this but all that I’ve detected is the number of messages on GSL link – LAPD messages. So my questions: - How we can estimate the load of GSL? What is the usually used thresholds for this parameter? Once more for you detailed reply and help! Good night! BR, Sommer