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Reply To: DLQ Ho In IBS site(ALU)


Sir Pix,

One question suppose there are 4 trx in a cell and BBH is use.

Lets say freq are as follows:
TRX-1(Freq 12)
TRX-2(Freq 34)
TRX-3(Freq 19)
TRX-4(Freq 21)

If i put highest pref mark on trx-1
then its mean our traffic is going on Trx 1.

In that case we will able to know only the Quality of TRX 1 not the frequency interference allocated on TRX 1(because during BBH its used all 4 frequency).

Lets say in RMS report of TRX 1 show bad quality on good level
then how we will come to know which frequencies causing bad quality(interference)because its used all 4 freq.