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Reply To: DLQ Ho In IBS site(ALU)


Hello Pix sir(i used to call you sir because you deserve this respect)

Earlier A_lev Ho is 4(now i decreased 2),A_PBGTHO is 4(i decreased 2)and A_LevMCHO is 4(i decreased 2) but i didn’t increase A_ Qual HO because DLQ sample is quit high so it may increase CD.

L_RXQUAL_DL_H is 4.5 for all(sorry but we cant change that parameter) and offset Hopping is 2.

I dont know in which report TRX wise idle band interference indicate but i checked mono health report for cell in which it shows all sample in band 1.sir will u tell me in NPO in which category i search that report Indicator or Report and by which name.

And there is 4 trx and there Pref mark are as 0,1,2,1.using BBH.And also i checked Qos Trx report in which its shows drop because of radio on trx 3 and 4 but on 1st Trx no traffic(BCCH frequency on 1st Trx).

And also i checked DL_RxQual_RxLev Trx report in which there is some bad quality sample on good i think there is interference on Tch Freq.what you suggest sir.? or u tell me i check any other report for interference.