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Reply To: Low HO SR due to ROC


Hi, Pix
The fails are between co-sited cells both dualband in an urban area with perfect coverage.From time to time 1 or 2 more cells fail against the same one. Fails are not distributed – sometimes all are in one hour, sometimes during the whole day. I dont know if HO are triggered from 900 or 1800 but RTCH_HO_Out_ROC has values for both bands. Abis showed that after camping on target cell 1800 TCH, after a couple of meas rpt the RxQ gets bad (BER >12,8%) and then a intraHO is triggered. The level of 900 is good enough and HO to preffered band is triggered again. And so on until channel release.
HO_Out_2G_2G_prep_fail_rate = 0.18
HO_Out_2G_2G_drop_radio_rate = 0.09
HO_Out_2G_2G_drop_BSS_rate = 0
HO_Out_2G_2G_ROC_rate = 25.29 number of roc = 287
HO_Out_2G_2G_required = 1137
No interference is measured. And locking DSC on similar situation didnt have any effect. Frequency changes on 1800 were executed and some parameters tuned (MS to enter 1800 on better levels)-no result.
HO causes – BC-95%; DLL-0.8;ULL-1.4:ULQ-1.2;DLQ-0.6;INTERF-1.8
DT is on its way.

CR, Emilov