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Reply To: High SD Drop – GEMINI Cells



Many thanks for the info . I will apply the recommendations from you .

GEMINI , its an interface which we install in a Siemens BTS to make it suitable to support NSN FLEXI BSC . Here we had a Siemens network and we swapped the SIEMENS BSC to FLEXI BSC keeping the Siemens BTS .

The problem is that in the Siemens Network they had the same no. of TRX and SD Config but they didn’t had SD Drops . So when the BSC swapped from Siemens to Flexi , then the SD Drop increased . The cells with high SD Drops mainly come in the BSC Boundary(FLEXI-SIEMNS Boundary) but these cells doesn’t have LU Failures in reports .

Anyway I a going to follow your recommendations