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Reply To: SFH 1*1 with ALU B10


Hi Rex,

Good to hear you have excellent results with SFH 1*1, which version of ALU are you using ? B10 Ed07 ? B11 ?

AMR_HR and DTX are incompatible, i think this is solved in B11, ask your TAC support, they have the information.

We do not use MC_TRX therefore i cant tell you if this is a good product.

As per the Network, we are trying to adjust it as we have RMS_Qual over 1.4 and we are wondering what we could do to put it down.

What Level of HO are u using and level of Pwr_Crtl ?

We are going to make some test with Pix recommended values. If you do have values that works good, i’m interested in looking at them.

All the Best