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Reply To: SFH 1*1 with ALU B10


Hi Pix,

First of all we are in B10ED02

You are right, it is the DL_DTX for AMR but TAC had told us to deactivate ALL DTX_DL ( the Downlink_DTX_HR as well ), have you tested the simple DTX_DL_FR ?

As per the codecs, which one are you using ? we are using 4 in FR (12.2;7.95;5.9;4.75)and 4 in HR(7.4;5.9;5.15;4.75), and we had found many cells using 5 codecs !? stange no ? now TAC is telling us there is a problem with the config : TFO+TwinTRX+UL_DTX..

For the settings of SFH, for a site with 4 TRX :

Same HSN for all sectors; for hopping TRX, we have :
sector1 : MAIO 0,6,12
Sectror2 : MAIO 2,8,14
Sector3 : MAIO 4,10,16

What do you mean by MA list ? Neigbours List ?

2) Indeed the terrain is hilly and the city is down , some sites are well high but we manage to set up E-GSM to those, as per the antenna, i know that k742264 is not the best antenna for SFH 1*1

3) for HO settings :

We kept L_rxqual_UL_DL_H to 29 and set Offset_Hopping_HO to 10

as well L_Rxqual_UL_DL_P=29 and Offset_Hopping_HO=10

as per HO, we have

and for PwrCtrl :

If you see anything wrong, do not hesitate.